Retalis language for Information Engineering in Autonomous Robot Software

Retalis (ETALIS for Robotics) is a logic-based language for the processing and management of sensory data in robot software.
 Retalis integrates ETALIS and SLR.

  • ETALIS is used for temporal and logical reasoning, and data transformation in flows of data.
  • SLR is used to implement a knowledge base maintaining a history of events. SLR supports state-based representation of knowledge built upon discrete sensory data, management of sensory data in active memories and synchronization of queries over asynchronous sensory data.

 UseCase: see retalis wiki
 Results: see the publication section
 Status: released (see retalis wiki)

RobAPL Language for BDI-Based Autonomous Robot Control

RobAPL extends the 2APL agent programming language with PLEXIL-Like plan representation and execution capabilities for autonomous robot programming.
 Results: see RobAPL paper
 Status: Development
 Release: by July, 2015