CoRobots 4 VdL

Research Project: Cooperative Robots for Ville de Luxembourg (CoRobots 4 VdL)

Title: Towards a robotic assistant for the Lëtzebuerg City Museum

The project investigates the capabilities of advanced cognitive humanoid robots (Pepper from Aldebaran) in the museum space. The object is to develop a mobile service robot that stimulates visitors to explore a historical panorama of the city’s former town place “Krautmaart”. The robot provides orientation and recommendations to visitors regarding this important square in the 17th century.

The project models cooperation among robots and humans and develops coordination mechanisms for human-robot interaction systems (2016 – 2019).

Research Groups Involved

Automation & Robotics Research Group

Head: Holger Voos

Researchers: Gary Philippe Cornelius

Education, Culture, Cognition and Society

Main Researcher: Charles Max

Researchers: Zohreh  Baniasadi

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