Programming Cognitive Robots (ProCRob)

The project creates a software framework (architecture and software tools) for a rapid development and prototyping of autonomous robots. As a proof-of-concept demonstrator, a socially assistive robot for autistic children is created.

Dates (2015-1017) ProCRob + ProCRob2

SPL Soccer Team (SPL RoboCup)

The project was born to motivate students, provide experts to the industry and federate a wide range of research areas under a common framework: robot soccer competition.

Founder and leader: Patrice Caire


Cooperative Robots for Ville de Luxembourg (CoRobots 4 VdL)

The project strives to develop an interactive learning experience about the Krautmaart (the market square) in 1650, on one hand, and investigate the capabilities of advanced cognitive humanoid robot (Pepper) in the museum space, on the other hand.

Main Researcher: Charles Max

Researchers: Zohreh  Baniasadi

Le petit robot QT


Main Researcher: Andreia Pinto Costa

Researchers: Louise Charpiot

Research Unit: INSIDE

Partner: LuxAI

Assistive Social Robot Impact on seniors’ Functionning (ASRIF)


Main Researchers  Dr. Mathilde Lamotte et dirigé par le Dr. Isabelle Tournier

Researchers:  Dr. Martine Hoffmann

Associate Project: FEELSAFE

Research Unit:INSIDE

Partner: LuxAI

Social Robots in Public Spaces (SoRPuS)

This project aims to define and implement a framework for a Social Robots  capable of interacting with multiple individuals in public spaces.

Main Researcher: Francisco J. Rodriguez Lera